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Well done!

You Are Here Because You Listened to Your Intuition.

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What's Your Story?
Let the Compass Be Your Guide

Spiritual Mapping Compass

Spiritual Mapping Compass Worksheet

The work starts with the My Inner Lighthouse SPIRITUAL COMPASS. We will unlock the key to your inner lighthouse and together, explore the questions that deeply call to you:


NARRATIVE | Who am I? What am I here to discover?

WISDOM | What do I truly desire to understand and to learn?

BOUNDARIES | What do I feel? How do I need to discern my experiences?

COMPASSION | What do I truly want? How can I care for myself & others?

GRIEF & LOSS | What do I need to let go of? How am I blocking my own way?

TRANSITION | What’s changing in my life and how can it transform me?


Spiritual Mapping is the work of using the compasses to see your life through the eyes that Spirit has for you. Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters offer their thoughts and metaphors for understanding. Tools are offered to help make this wisdom a reality into the here and now. Just one visit offers noticeable shifts in your way of life.


With returning visits, this “spiritual mapping” leads to greater openings where there were none. Larger shifts occur with your stated intentions. This is achieved through learning the sacred symbols from Ascended Masters which open your spirit to fuller development & evolution.


You will learn mystical principles and processes that can be applied to your everyday living and help to sculpt the type of life you’ve always wanted. I know this because this is exactly what happened to me!


Self-Awareness Compass Worksheet

Feeling ungrounded or lost in the wilderness? Not knowing where to start? Look at the Self-Awareness Compass because you may be stuck in your own story. When you look at the various ordinals, what is most needed in your life right now? Do you need stronger boundaries? That's a call to practice self-respect. Is there so much change in your life that you're unsure what to prioritize? That's a cry for self-care.

This process is about feeling into your heart, letting go of what's irrelevant, and taking the blinders off of your perception so the blocks can become bridges. What's the opportunity? Rise above the story to envision the opportunities that are knocking on your door.

Honing in on Your Story.
Daily Practices.


High/Low Worksheet

The High/Low Worksheet is a basic meditative practice recommended at night before sleep. It is loosely based on the Ignation exercises of the Daily Examen. Reflecting on your daily high and low on a regular basis helps to reveal ongoing issues in your relationships and unrecognized patterns in your life.


4-Square Model

The 4-Square model is a common note taking method used in business and brainstorming meetings. We use it actively at My Inner Lighthouse and wanted to share it with you!

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