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Learn how she discovered her own inner lighthouse

Step into the Magic of Sally's World

What Is My Inner Lighthouse

Who we are and what is our work in the world


My Inner Lighthouse is a gender-neutral, neuro-diverse community. We embrace differently-abled individuals and serve as a bridge to the unseen world. We have agency, live in the questions, and dwell in the realms of possibility. Our plan is to profit through awareness and altruism.


My Inner Lighthouse is a gender-neutral, neuro-diverse community. We embrace differently-abled individuals and serve as a bridge to the unseen world. We have agency, live in the questions, and dwell in the realms of possibility. Our plan is to profit through awareness and altruism.

My Inner Lighthouse envisions a compassionate world without borders. Curiosity seeks us, desire drives us, and consciousness is our muse because we all house the light®.

My Inner Lighthouse illuminates a map to a new reality. Navigating with Spirit, we listen to our internal compass to remember our true nature as we walk the pilgrim's path. As a community, we teach, learn, and become our own spiritual guides.

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We are founders of a movement which will be a catalyst for development and discovery by conversing with one another and the ancestral realm. We are inventing a new way of working together. Our intention is to create a living business plan which evolves organically. By remaining present, this will be effortless, entertaining, and ultimately self-sustaining.

About Sally

We all have a story – a journey to where we are today. And where we travel is often a response to where we began.

Sally’s journey to the unseen realms began in 2011 when she listened to Oprah & Deepak guided meditations as a daily practice. After several months, her inner sight came to life so she sought the help of energy intuitive Suzanne Ragan Lentz to make sense of her new world. They still work together today.

Since then, she relocated to Orcas Island, WA on the advice of her white horse guide Winslow going “all in”: purchasing a home on North Beach, undergoing a massive renovation, installing a labyrinth. All the while learning that different areas of the land were a sacred connection to a Self-Compassion course, the ultimate framework for anyone seeking a path to enlightenment. Her guides kept telling her that “how you live” is more important than “what you do,” but it took years for the steps within the steps to take form. Her world unwinds like a mandala. The wonder is still unfolding with each new development.

A gritty and at times hilarious counselor and writer, she offers something magical to anyone in search of wholeness and light: a path to your own inner lighthouse.

Sally is a rare combination of religious docent and spiritual navigator. She received her master’s degree in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University in preparation for a second career in hospital chaplaincy, when a multiple sclerosis diagnosis took her in an uncharted direction as an advocate and teacher. As a natural meditator, she communes in the world of the ascended masters including Mary Magdalene, Gandhi, Leonardo DaVinci and the Dalai Lama. As a toolmaker, she takes the lessons from her conversations and experiments in mediumship and applies her talent to different forms of healing, including body-speak, self-compassion exercises, and ancestral work. Her personal experience from family trauma of alcoholism, codependency, and incest lend authenticity to the depths of her empathy. Her travels alone from the “sticky” labels of bipolar illness and MS – from disease to dis-ease to health to wellness – are worth the read.

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About Gentlewood

During my first year on Orcas, in my daily meditation practice I would walk with one of the ascended masters on my beach.

One morning, Mary Magdalene walked up the path to me, took my hand and led me to the covered porch outside my bedroom window. I told her that this was my favorite spot, she said she knew and “this is the area of the Red Rose.” She asked me to describe the home where I grew up and before long, we took a trip to my past. She explained how various spots on the land held revealing powers and how a place can heal. “All healing begins with the Red Rose.” She said you cannot walk the path without first meeting your past.

Sally by the ocean

Gentlewood is the name of my home on Orcas Island, WA. It was whispered to me during a Sunday church service just before I moved. It’s a quarter acre of land on a private beach a couple hundred yards from Stonehenge, a great upright boulder on North Beach. The ocean side includes the patio of the red rose, the area of the yellow rose, the labyrinth representing intuitive wisdom, and the “wild area.” The wooded side includes the courtyard of the pink rose, the circle garden of the orange rose, the well and the wood. The rose colors correlate to the chakra centers, sacred geometry and spiritual laws. There is also a guardian tree which protects the property and is an entry portal for shamanic journeys. The ascended masters talk to me in each area to give me life lessons, important teachings from the past or to offer specific healing treatments. Mary Magdalene tells me there are power centers everywhere for one who practices stillness and listens through their heart.

Gentlewood was my first teacher on the Power of Place. The land longs for recognition and relation. When we become aware of the power of the land that we are a part, the land becomes a part of us. Land can only foster connection and healing.

Sandy Beach
Marble Floor
Image by Everaldo Coelho

What's Your Vision?

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