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Meditation | Baggage is Beautiful (Al Anon part 2)

[This meditation is a follow up to one titled Al Anon Movie posted on 7.31.2017]

I come to JC wearing a winter white skirt sparking with tiny gold, silver and clear crystals. This is new! I’m excited, sensing a big lesson.

JC: You’ve been thinking a lot about your spiritual front pack.

Jesus says this, stating a fact. I’ve been talking with JC for months but it is still a surprise that he can read everything I’m thinking. If I weren’t walking in the spirit world, I’d find this intimidating.

Sally: Well…yes. I guess I have.

JC: What we see with you isn’t unusual. In fact, it’s quite common.

In my mind’s eye, he projects a kind of movie in front of me—it’s a busy city sidewalk. I see people walking past each other, on “automatic,” not aware of themselves or others as they go about their busy day. The movie continues, but JC adds a layer in my vision, so I can see invisible objects that are attached to their bodies. The same people are walking but now they have invisible objects attached to them that I can see! Lots of energetic outlines. Not everyone but quite a few.

JC: We see front packs, backpacks, chips on the shoulder. We see people slowly moving their feet like…

Sally: …like they are dragging sandbags.

JC: Yes.

I sense a bit of sadness in Jesus. I’m awestruck by what I’m seeing. The reel stops. I look back to JC. Here it comes…

JC: These are the events that remain in your lives. You believe you’ve put them behind you. They search for meaning. And they’re beautiful.

I’m struck by the intensity of this message. This metaphor. This calls to mind something that a modern mystic, Thomas Hubl, has said: “Problems are situations that need tending. They are an energy and a consciousness. Treat them with loving compassion.”

I understand and I wait for the lesson to settle into me, leave its mark.

This is powerful: baggage = beautiful. Spirit strikes again with the alliteration. I teach what I can remember.

JC: Yes, that’s right. This is what you will teach. The priority of your work, of everyone’s work, is compassion. You will help people look at their stories, to see this work as an invitation. This is sacred.

Jesus has never been this direct: this is what you will teach. I have my imprint! The work is sacred. And beautiful. JC proceeds to get my attention by making it personal.

JC: Hold your spirit baby. He is precious. He is a part of you.

Starting with the personal isn’t something I can do just yet. First I need to conceptually integrate his lesson into my own understanding and model. So, I go back to one of my teaching triangles: heart, head, hands. OK…so...if compassion begins in the heart, unfolds in the head and manifests through the hands then this is how… we can come back to ourselves! Story by story, energy by energy. Come back to compassion. Rest in compassion. When we come back, we “become.” We are our true selves.

JC: Yes, that’s right.

Wow. This is good. I had recently taken a Shamanic Journey to meet my spirit baby, the son I aborted, yet I see there is more for me to process. I set the intention to pray and “speak” with Shaun (the name I gave him) tonight.

And with my intention set, the meditation bell sounds. Perfect.


  • That experience provides the greatest gifts for growth.

  • That I can establish a new relationship with myself by working through the stories from my past.

  • That my energetic self is a great resource, inviting me to wholeness.


  • When or how are you “weighted” down?

  • When you consider this, does it bring to mind a person, place or event in your life

  • What can you learn from this experience? What is its gift or beauty?


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