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Winter Bulletin: 2020

I lovingly embrace the day, walking with attention and intention, knowing, I can take care of myself. — My daily pilgrimage mantra

Photo of me walking recently on the labyrinth at Gentlewood, my home in Eastsound, Orcas Island, WA. New decade, new year, new day, new way. This is how I look at 2020. This is my year of learning and clearer vision. Since returning from my trip to Mary Magdalene sites in France last Autumn, Jesus and the other masters have impressed upon me in daily meditation that pilgrimage can be a daily experience and not just a destination. I embarked upon a new way of living called Pilgrimage as Path. Pilgrimage involves living more from a place of centeredness, stillness.You examine your choices in a way that aligns with your beliefs and values.You start with your heart. Or as Gandhi likes to say, "Look down at your feet." Gandhi began to walk with me, instructing me on how to live an undivided life. I told him that I wanted to learn the Indian practice of bhakti or devotional love. "You must practice devotion for yourself before you can commit fully to the path of your God." This began an odyssey of conversations, concepts and practices. I'm excited to share that this is an invitation. Would you join us on this path? In my (about) quarterly newsletters, I will share conversations, questions, concepts that they raise with me and I will pass them on to you. I intend to grow a community that shares an interest in learning, awakening, and supporting one another. I want this to be a two way street. I will publish online The Way of the Rose that Mary Magdalene shared with me as well as The Path of the Rose so you can meet with her yourself in a few months. You will hear from masters including Jesus, St. Francis, Mother Mary, Venus, Chief Seattle, Mary Magdalene, Gandhi and others who have graciously guided me in my daily life and work. All you have to do is read. Listen. Open your hearts. I promise that you will be moved. One Gift of Pilgrimage: INTENTIONALITY One of the things that I love about winter is that it doesn't lie. Nature is largely dormant on the surface but is active deep below the soil. There are less distractions this time of year to pull us away from what's really important in our lives. Do you have the right shoes to comfortably track the course you've planned? Do you have a mindset or map that works for you or is it time to try something new? There is a Quaker concept (and very good book by Parker Palmer) that suggests "let your life speak." Is your life speaking in the ways you intended? No change is too small. In fact, my smallest changes helped me the most. Now when I look out my windows, I take a full deep breath. It gives me that extra moment to appreciate my landscape and reset. It's a small intentional act that grounds me. One Daily Practice: The BODY CHECK This practice supports one of my biggest beliefs: your body knows best. Your body is there for you so take a few moments to be there for it. 1. When you wake up, start with your heart. Put a hand over your heart, take a deep breath. Silently ask it how it is doing. Ask it if it needs anything. See what comes up: a color, a feeling, a word, an image or memory. Heed its call. 2. Then scan your body and really feel it. Does it need anything? Is there pain, achiness? Do you need to stretch a little? Ask it how it feels. What it needs. Tell it that you are here for it. Let your throat know you intend to speak your truth today. 3. Check in with your mind. What are you thinking right now? Take note without judgment. Let the thoughts go. When you get to the bathroom, look into the mirror and say, "Hello beautiful!" It's surprising how good it feels to greet yourself, first, with positivity! I've been doing this for months and it is such an easy way to start my day in a conscious way. One Reflection:

  • How do I want to feel this year?

  • Can my current path bring me these feelings or do I need to assess some things?

I hope you will join us as we talk, explore, walk and follow the Way. May this year bring clear vision and open roads, Sally 206.909.3737 | My Inner Lighthouse | we all house the light ®


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Jun 14

Sally, coming back to this winter bulletin from 2020 today summer solstice eve of 2024 is like visiting a very special friend and coming home. You are doing so much and the content is rich. It takes time to process all your messages and I am grateful to revisit today. Starting my MIL journal and plan to illustrate it. Love you.

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