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The Path to Principles

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


I’m sitting at my kitchen table, wondering how to start this blog when King Midas, one of the Ascended Masters, chides me:

You didn’t know how to develop your principles. Do you remember that?” I don’t. Honestly, I have so many conversations with my guides that I stopped attempting to track it some time ago. Good thing I love to write. I am the queen of journaling.

I digress: first things, first. Allow me to introduce you to King Midas. The first time Jesus (JC) walked down the beach in my meditation with this handsome, dark-skinned imposing man I was a little intimidated. He was a big man. He wore skimpy gold silk clothes, looking a bit like the genie that sprang from Aladdin’s lamp. With more muscles. He had wise eyes with long eyelashes that gently demanded to be taken seriously. Right before they reach me, he bursts into a guttural laugh scaring the seagulls in his wake.


Sally, I want to introduce you to King Midas. Midas, this is Sally.

Sally, freezing in place:

King Midas.


Yes. (pause) I’m King Midas.

Ok. Really? I’m just gonna go for it.


So, is it really true what they say about you? That everything you touched turned to gold?

Midas blinks, and with a touch of disappointment:


Sally (embarrassed):


Then he turns us all around, back in the direction from where they came. We are now walking towards Mt. Baker. It’s a clear day. Man, this is one large man. I would make him a king too!


But I did come up with an important concept.


Oh (feeling a bit better). What’s that?


I came up with the idea of foundation. I needed a way for the people of my kingdom to come together more. To want to… (moving his arms, he speaks in a way that is part mob-boss, part designer) work together more. This might seem a bit strange to you but before me the common people and kings didn’t work together much. At least not in cooperation.

Sally (I am entranced by this man):

Yes, I understand. Not much has changed there.


I got this idea staring at the pyramid one night. I thought about how the sides and edges of the pyramid were smooth. They didn’t have levels. When I talked to my seers, the ministry below me, there were “steps”. This worked but it didn’t satisfy me. I also didn’t like what I saw in my kingdom. So, I developed the idea of a foundation. The people working with the kingdom and the kingdom working with the people.

This was difficult to carry out at first, but eventually, when everyone realized this would be a positive outcome for the whole kingdom, it became realized. I was the king, after all.

Midas looks down to me and flashes a million-dollar smile. In my mind, I'm hearing Don Corleone say "I gave 'em an offer he couldn't refuse..."


And that is how your kingdom grew. How you became so wealthy.



Yes. My foundation prospered. More importantly, the people in my empire realized that by helping his brother, there was much to be gained. The whole became as strong as the one.


Today, Midas’ voice is just beyond my left shoulder. I only "hear" him. He is here to help explain the steps of developing living principles. Living in the sense that they change as your life changes. He is much more informal with me these days.

King Midas:

We begin with foundation because drawing upon and living by your principles can greatly help you build the type of life you want to create.

Living a principled life is what each person should aspire: first, for himself but also for his family & friends, his community and also his citizenry.


Yes, and to Mother Earth.


Yes, of course. (He waves a hand, in exasperation) This is something that I do not understand in your world, I must confess. Not taking care of the earth! Ba!

There are three main steps to determine what principles are most important to you.

Principles are different than values. Values tend to be more like qualities. Or virtues.


I agree. A common principle that I hear from clients is: family comes first. When I tell them that this expression is actually a "principle" for them, they begin to understand.


Yes, that’s right. That is a principle. Here are the three steps that I want your readers to think about to determine the principles by which they choose to live.

The Path to Principles | by King Midas

1. Ask your heart. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and talk to your heart.

2. Listen to the truth that emanates from your heart. Whatever comes is just right.

3. Share your ideas with someone close who can listen in a sacred way.

They don’t need to be concerned with step 3 right now. We have a plan for that down the path. What is most important is that they give dedicated thought to this. They need to know what is most dear to the way they live their life in order to make it so.

In my mind’s eye, I see Midas pound his right hand to his heart. All I’m thinking is I wonder who has the bigger arm? Midas or Shaq?


They can write in their tablets. There is no time to waste. If they want to work with me, this is how they begin.


Truth is powerful and prevails.

-Sojourner Truth


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