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The Guides on Boundaries

Stained glass by Chagall, called The Blue Rose
Chagall’s The Blue Rose

In a recent meditation, I sat down with a few of my favorite guides, letting them know that I was going to write about Boundaries and my experiences in Avignon, FR. To them I posed this question: What is the work of BOUNDARIES? With their permission, I'm sharing the following responses.

Mary Magdalene:

Looking at who you are and the experiences you went through with a heart of compassion.

King Midas:

It’s looking at the truth of your beliefs. It’s looking into the deep patterns these beliefs created, so you can begin to take them apart. Start fresh.

Jesus of Nazareth:

It’s being accountable to your own resiliency.

Treya Wilber (Ken Wilber's first wife):

It’s coming back to the body and listening to what it has to say.


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