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Detox Journey (pt 1): Meeting Master John Douglas

"You forgive and allow creation the perfect order of all things; to be who they are, to see as they are, to know as they are." - Master John Douglas

It’s the summer of 2014 and I’m on a healing adventure. On the recommendation of my acupuncturist and the blessing of my husband Michael, I’m sitting in a group of about forty people inside a modest conference room, on the seventh floor of a healing center in the Chelsea District of New York City. We are all here for a one-day seminar with Master John Douglas, an Australian energy healer.

I’m told this master of healing energy may have insight into my health concerns that have evaded all other treatments—both eastern and western.

I am learning to listen to internal guidance and act on faith, so I’ve come here with little preconception, and don’t know what to expect. On my left is a modern-day Mary Ann from Gilligan’s island, an adorable woman who sells plant essences. “I’ve got Lyme’s disease. I’ve tried everything. My naturopath sent me here.” On my right is an attractive, young Indian man, here to work on his karma. “I’m tired of dating. I ready to meet my mate.”

In time, John Douglas enters the room and out comes my notebook. We’re allowed to record our 5-minute one-on-one sessions later in the day, for which we’ve been handed a number, but we’re not permitted to record the lecture, so I plan to take copious notes!

John is calm and collected, a man in command of his faculties. He begins this intro session by clearly and articulately describing his ability to tune-in and actually see illness in the body. He goes on to speak about the causes of disease and the limited ability of doctors to cure what they don’t know is there.

While he’s personable, John Douglas is highly focused and appears to live on a different level than most people do. He speaks of the tiny world of bacteria and virus, and the inflammation they cause, forming barbershop poles inside our bodies.

Wow! It’s like listening to the captain in the movie “Fantastic Voyage.” He is giving us a tour of what we can’t see inside ourselves and I am completely captivated!

Given his capacity to see the energy frequency of the entire body, John speaks authoritatively about the challenges of treating MS and Lyme’s disease. This is exactly why I’m here! I take furious notes for over an hour before he finally pauses. He’ll now lead us through a healing meditation that will address our diverse issues.

I put down my notebook, eager to begin. I’ve been meditating for a while now and it’s become easy for me. I can even meditate during my MRIs. After about 20 minutes, the meditation concludes and individual sessions will now begin.

To my surprise, most people stay in the room, gathering in small groups to talk about their stories and wait their turn. But we’re in New York City. There is no way I’m going to pass up a few hours of sightseeing!  When I return, I take my place in a small waiting area and consider that five-minutes won’t allow much time to summarize my lengthy health history.

Soon a voice calls out my number and, using my cane for support, I make my way into a tiny, characterless room. In addition to John, a curly-haired woman with glasses sits in the corner; our “chaperone,” I presume. Smart man

“Hello. So, what’s your concern?” John says promptly.

Leaning on my cane. I tell him I have MS.

“What are your symptoms?”

“My biggest issue is cognitive.”

“Really?” he says, skeptically.

“Yes!” Now I’m the one who’s skeptical. Cognitive deficits are common with MS. 

He asks, “How are you sleeping?” and I tell him I’m not. I begin ticking off my list of other symptoms as he puffs up his cheeks with air, extending his arms out around his hips, swinging them in a bloated expression. “OK,” he says. He’s heard enough. He tells me to close my eyes so he can “scan” me. I close my eyes and still my body. After about two minutes, he tells me to open my eyes.

“I’ve got good news. You’ve got MS and Parkinson’s.” 

This is good news?”

“I can see the virus and bacteria were killed off during the group meditation. You need to get on an anti-inflammatory diet. You have ‘internal gout.’ Do you remember me talking about this?” 

I didn’t, but assumed it was in my pages of notes.

“Your MS is not that bad. But, the meditation didn’t kill the eggs. They are too hard and small.  You need to take our parasitic drops for that.” He leans in toward me for effect, “You’re going to get your cognition back, 100%!”

“That’s good,” I say flatly.

He leans back and gives a look to the woman in the corner. Obviously he was expecting a bigger reaction than that. But I don’t fully comprehend what he is telling me. I know what he’s saying is good, but his quick explanation has put me in a cognitive fog. 

A moment later I’m walking back into the hall, dazed and feeling like I’ve just visited the green room of a rock star. Intuitively, I know I am healed; yet my working memory is slow to set. It’s like jet lag from my arrival two days ago is finally hitting me. My Indian friend is still here, eager to hear how it was for me. I calmly announce that I am healed.

On the plane the next morning, I have a full-blown head cold. John warned us that the group meditation was a cleanse that might induce detoxification. He also said there would be an “opening” for many of us. It might take a few days or a few weeks, but there would be real changes, so be on the look out. I land in Seattle, feverish, and head home for a bath and bed. I’m certainly earning my merit’s badge for soul seeking on this trip. And my concept of healing is forever changed.


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