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The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are every thought, deed, action, intention that soul has from its inception to the present moment and all future possibilities…The Akashic Records help us understand that affirmation of our soul’s intention.  - Shiela Baker, " Journeys of Transformation"

The morning I walk into Seattle’s East/West Bookshop I’m not feeling like myself. I feel lost. My mind is focused on my sister. Our relationship is deteriorating, along with our father’s health. Her power struggles with our stepmother don’t help. My sister seems to resent that I’m not taking sides. I feel ugliness in my heart. We used to be so close.

In a tiny room at the back of the bookstore, Shiela Baker asks if I am familiar with the Akashic Records. Honestly, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I registered at the front desk for a private session. I’d assumed this would be a card reading of some sort, something that might offer me a little of perspective or just take my mind off of things for a while.

Shiela, a strong and kind woman with softly greying curls, explains that she will be connecting to the world of my “guides.” She begins by reciting a beautiful poem of her own to the “four directions.” Soon, she reports that my spirit world is gathering.

“What’s happening is that the spirits are beginning to file in and they are taking seats on rows around an arena type place. In the center, there are two guides facing one another, they are wearing white robes so I can see them…”

I am frozen. I am fascinated. How is she “seeing” all of this? What the fu--?

“Oh! In front of them is a big raised pedestal made of lapis lazuli, it’s beautiful!” Sheila turns toward me, pausing for a moment from looking beyond. “Did you know that in the bible when they mention sapphire they are actually referring to lapis lazuli?” 

I tell her I wasn’t aware of that and she returns to the beyond.

The guides ask why I am here.

“It’s simple. I’m at a loss. My sister is so upset and she just isn’t happy and…”

“You and your sister are on completely different life paths!”

I stop in my tracks. I get the definite sense that Shiela isn’t speaking to me, they are. 

After an hour of ethereal conversation with my guides, Sheila closes our session by once again talking to the four directions. Then she’s back. Things feel different. Clearer. And when I step out of the tiny room and return to the main area of the bookstore, I feel different. You know how Linus from the Peanuts walks around in a dust-cloud? Well, it feels like I am in a love-cloud, the spirit world swirling around me as I browse through the store, not yet ready to leave. When I do finally leave, the cloud is gone.

Flash forward six months. I’ve returned to East/West Bookshop, hungry for another visit with Shiela Baker, whom I will later come to recognize as my ambassador to Spirit.

Today my body is feeling the symptoms of what’s been diagnosed as MS. I am using the support of my cane and I’m asking the Big Questions. I want to know more about my path. I want to know what I should be doing, how I can help others.

Shiela tells me the guides want me to take a trip. Where?

“Down the coast…to where the Sea Lions are. We want you to walk around the outer ledge of that lighthouse nearby, without your cane. You will see a flash of light.” 

Shiela comes out of her cosmic fog momentarily to let me know that she knows the place they are describing and can tell me about it after the session. 

The guides go on to explain that I should listen to Hemi-Sync music because, as a child, I was hit very hard across my head, WHACK! Sheila demonstrates. “This caused some damage or disconnection between your left and right brain hemispheres.” She quickly comes out again and adds Hemi-Sync to our after-session follow up list.

That’s odd. I have no memory of anyone hitting me. I assume it was one of the neighborhood kids. My family had money and some who weren’t thrilled with our status would pick on us.

When our session is complete, we emerge from the tiny room like we’re contained inside a magic bubble. Sheila points me toward a rarely available laptop in the main section of the bookstore. As we walk completely unencumbered by the crowd, she asks, “Do you think you’ll always have MS?”

I stop and pivot backward, to read her face. “Yes! There’s no cure for MS.”

“Huh. Funny, that’s not what I see. I see you cured in a few years.” 

I dismiss the comment as Shiela reaches for the computer and searches for Heceta Lighthouse. She turns the laptop toward me so I can see the image. It’s beautiful. It’s a postcard. I’m intimidated. I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken a solo trip; not since I was on the road as a rep for Ford. But as I gaze at the image, I know that’s where I need to go.

Once again I feel the love-cloud. There is something to this work with Shiela Baker!


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