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Summer News: 2018

“The earth laughs in flowers.” —Emerson

Gratitude is my favorite practice. The fresh fruits and flowers at Summer farmer's markets, picnics, nature walks...these are just a few opportunities to experience gratitude. In my work with clients, I ask them, "What's one thing you love about your life and what's one thing you'd like to change?" Here are a few "one things" you might like to think about this season:

  • One Gift of the Season ~ Light

  • One Practice ~ Consider someone in your life who is there for you--be it at work, in your community, or even at the coffee shop--someone you see on a regular basis who is always there with a smile, support, patience, enthusiasm, or whatever you need in the moment. Let them know they're seen--that they matter! You could write them a note, shout them on social media (you can use my new FB page ^_^), or simply tell them that their smile makes a difference in your world.

  • One Reflection ~ When's the last time you acknowledged and appreciated someone on the spot? How about making that a regular practice? Gratitude is an attitude. It recognizes and fosters abundance. Practice gratitude.


Summer Reading

It wasn't until my daughter was in grammar school that I heard of the expression "summer reading." Since I read constantly, I don't need an excuse, but it's my husband's ritual to buy a new book before every vacation. And I was the mom who packed games in the suitcase--No TV!

If you're looking for summer reading, you might consider checking out the blog section of my website. Here's a link to my very first post.


I hope you stop to smell summer's flowers--and maybe take a run through a sprinkler!


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