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Summer Bulletin: 2020

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bird's eye view of the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral in France In my last newsletter I offered an invitation to begin to live life as a daily path of pilgrimage. Meaningful, conscious living day to day. Then current events exploded, leading me to rethink my own place in the world and how my work with My Inner Lighthouse could best serve. I’d like to share here a recent vibrant meditation that I experienced with Mary Magdalene, which was particularly enlightening. As the chimes called me into the silent time within the Deepak Oprah meditation, Mary Magdalene begins a conversation with me before my inner sight opens to any visions. Mary Magdalene: How to do you feel about the status quo, Sally? Taken aback by her question, Mary continues. Mary: What is the status quo? What does that actually mean? And with that thought, my spirit sweeps over a huge meadow with a massive tree in the center. It was the largest tree I had ever seen and I gasped in wonder. Mary: This is the Tree of Life Sally! Like a bird, I swooped around the branches of the tree, circling around and landing below it, looking skyward. The sun burst beyond the tree so brightly, I was momentarily blinded. All I could see was a huge black silhouette in the foreground with rays emanating around its trunk. Sally: It’s amazing! Does everyone have a “tree of life?” Mary: No, Sally. There is only one Tree of Life. And as I looked up, the tree flashed into a completely different type and as soon as my eyes took focus. Wait! What happened to the oak?! I see a magnolia. Now a madrona! Like someone operating a giant view finder toy, Spirit kept clicking forward my vision to a new landscape without my permission. A giant forest-tree shows up and as I am wondering whether I am in a jungle in Indonesia, I think in frustration, can we just look at one tree please? Mary: Sure! Shall we go back to the oak? The oak and the meadow returns in full grandeur. I begin to rotate around its fullness and Mary continues. Mary: Seasons and cycles created this great tree. Good soil, lots of sun. Plenty of water. As we swing to the opposite side of the tree, we move in closer to the interior. Mary: Your people are coming out of a very long winter. There are dead branches and the soil needs tending. Things aren’t as healthy as they may appear. There are dead branches and the soil needs tending to. We begin to back away from the tree. Mary: You know Sally, “climate change” isn’t just about the life of your people and the living things on your planet. It is also about the way of life for people. For humanity. The climate of the times. I’m halted by the gravity of her words. The starkness of what she is saying. The picture goes black as Mary asks:

How can your people tend to the Tree of Life?

-Daily meditation, 6/27/20

After the meditation as I quickly take notes of our conversation, I am struck by how quickly the world has changed in recent months and how meaningful the layers of metaphors were in this encounter: a black tree against the white sunshine, trees flashing from all over the world, the condition of the branches once you move in closer behind the veil. I am so moved, I quit writing and stare out the window at my labyrinth. I’ve been so conscious in my daily walk, my daily living. The at-home time has provided me new perspectives into my marriage and my work. I am protected in so many ways, so privileged. How can I become a part of the greater solution?



  • When you consider the changing landscape of your world right now, what is the “climate” like in your community? Can you impart something positive?

  • What is the state of the soil in your life right now? How can you nourish yourself to be a greater light to those around you?

  • The derivation of the Latin phrase status quo is actually a reference to “before wartime.” If you look at the labyrinth of your life and your contribution, is there a way to find common ground on your path with others you wouldn’t normally reach out to?


Trust that you are still on the path and know that you are not alone. I am here to help and guide, Sally 206.909.3737 | My Inner Lighthouse | we all house the light ®


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