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My recent absence from the blog

Photo of Mt Baker from the airplane window
Mt Baker welcoming me on my last flight home!

Hello dear ones,

I wanted to explain my writing absence during my pilgrimage, especially to those of you who have loyally urged me on.

Early on the cruise, I realized the schedule made it unrealistic—and certainly not self compassionate—to attempt writing with any sort of intention or clarity, given that there were few extended moments of pause and little time at the end of long days.

In meditation, the Inner Circle jumped on my suggestion to suspend writing and enjoy the moment.

The visits to the two Mary Magdalene sites were beyond my dreams. Today, the Magdalene herself told me she would join me in writing about the remainder of my compass. My writing—we promise—will not disappoint. Those writings will be posted here as soon as they are available…so please keep checking back or visit My Inner Lighthouse on Facebook or Instagram to learn when those insights are posted.

On the bus ride home she said, “That’s why your compass is so relevant, so important. You have your physical compass for your measures; but yours is a spiritual compass.”

My eyes welled up and I looked away from the window and over at my husband. He looked concerned, “What’s wrong?” And I smiled and said nothing…nothing in the world.

May your daily steps be filled with slivers of wonder and joy.


Sally O


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