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Meditation | Put Yourself First

Most days I lie down on my meditation mat, looking forward to my time in the other realms. Today I plop down in complete exhaustion. My move and now organizing my new house is taking a lot out of me.

Winslow takes me up to the white clouds. As I lie there, horizontal, JC wastes no time and jumps right in:

JC: “Here’s today’s lesson: 1. Restore 2. Recoup 3. Review 4. Write.”

I absolutely love when my guides use alliteration and rhyming. It makes it so much easier to remember when I come out of meditation, which is much like waking up from a dream. It also helps me to remember to practice and to pay it forward.

My focus goes to “recoup” and JC chimes in immediately.

JC: “Yeah, that’s the hardest one, isn’t it? Focus.

Oh, so that’s what he means by recoup. Focus on priorities.

JC: “How do you put yourself first with Mike? [That’s my husband] How do you put yourself first with Helen? [That’s my work partner]. How do you put yourself first with your work?

Wow…big questions. Good questions. This does require a considerable amount of intentionality, doesn’t it?

Stress, the bad kind I mean, effects body, mind, and spirit. I realize now that my mind is constantly racing, my body can’t keep up, and my spirit? Spirit isn’t even in the picture! This is what it’s like after a big move.

Put myself first. Simple and basic advice. Self-compassion is always a good decision: That’s a personal mantra that I teach in my classes. It’s time to practice what I preach.

What I Learned:

  • How I treat myself can’t be an after thought. I must be a priority.

  • Putting myself first is clearly a boundary issue that requires my attention, discernment and intention.

Reflection Questions:

  • Are you priority number one in your life?


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