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Meditation | Mother Mary on Mother's Day

Patchwork quilt with thick blue threading
What does the quilt of your life look like?

I’m a bit nervous as I walk into the circle garden at Gentlewood to talk to Mother Mary. In the past, she has always been background support with the other masters, lending her trustworthy mantra “Be kind to yourself” when I most need it. We’ve never sat down together one-on- one.

Mother Mary:

Hello Sally. There is no need to be nervous. I’m glad we are finally talking together!

Mary’s voice is like liquid gold. She puts me immediately at ease.

Mother Mary:

I’m glad your people celebrate Mother’s Day. What a marvelous idea!


What was it like for you as a mother? Raising Jesus? Being a mother in your time?


In our time, we lived in a busy town called Sepphoris. Joseph never lacked for work. It was a great time of building all around us. We were a busy household. We had four children. Jesus and Mary were close in age, older than the other two. Jesus was what you would now call “an old soul.” He always…understood things. Everything was clear to him.

Mary was in the kitchen a lot. It didn’t surprise me when she began to work with herbs. Jesus wasn’t the only healer in the family! I depended upon my friends a lot. We looked out for one another; for each other’s children.

Mary looks off into the distance as she travels to her past.

You know, I was a weaver. I made clothes on a type of loom. Decorative pieces. I made a few ornate things for ceremonies. Weddings. I loved to feel and work with the fabrics. As I gathered and worked with different threads, I would think about my life and what was happening at the time. I guess you could say it was a form of prayer for me.


What did you pray for?


Oh, whatever needed help. I would think about what would need to change to make things better or easier.

I’d like to share an image with your people:

When I think of a mother, I see a woman who bends down to meet her child so that her eyes meet the child and their hearts are at the same level. That way the child can feel safe enough to share what is on his heart.

We don’t need to be a mother, to “mother” the world, do we? We don’t need to be a mother to mother ourselves. Mothering is the creative aspect of love. That’s what I thought about when I weaved. How I would bring love into what I was creating. It’s a simple concept but a precious act.

Sometimes when I watch people in your world, I wonder, who are they are speaking to? Are they speaking to the hearts of the ones they are with? Do they truly see things “eye to eye?” I understand that most of the day you are preoccupied with things that need to get done, of course, but there are so many moments that can be treated with more tenderness.

Mary then comes back to me with a wistful smile, as if to say, “oh, don’t mind me.”


I agree, Mary. Our relationships can use more tenderness. With ourselves, with one another, with people at work. That is a message I would love to share.


When I was done with a section of my weaving, I would run my hands over it. How does it feel? Is there anything I need to change? Mothering anything is an act of creation. When people finish their day, do they hold it up in front of them and look at it? Do they consider how it feels to them? Would they change anything? Should they change anything?

Such profound wisdom! This shouldn't shock me but somehow it does. This is a woman I want to hear more from. I want to walk more with Mary.


When you think of mothering, what comes to your mind?


How well I am practicing self-care. Trying to navigate a boundary between taking better care of myself versus serving others. That’s one aspect. And then there is the birthing of different projects. Your idea about holding things up and looking at them. I get caught up in the “hows” so much, I tend to just procrastinate.


Hmmm. Sounds like you are being hard on yourself. There is no failure in creating. The very aspect of going back and forth on things, well, that’s how some of the best ideas come to be!

Mary looks off again.

I was always trying to eliminate the knots in my weave until one day I realized they were beautiful on their own so I should just let them be! It became a signature of my work.

Sally, pay attention to the knots in your life. They are creations that seek your attention and love. Sometimes it is best to just let them be.

Mary stands up and gives me a warm hug. I’m going to see Mary again. I think I’ve discovered my creativity guide!


  • In what areas of your life do you need mothering?

  • Look at a knot in your life right now. When you hold it up can you see its beauty and wisdom?


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