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Preparing for Pilgrimage | Narrative

"All judgment in me rises from a place of imbalance. As I heal, I observe the choices of others without expectations and I receive a new understanding of what, within me, is asking to be healed." — NON-JUDGMENT a card randomly chosen just before walking the labyrinth

The labyrinth at the church
The labyrinth at the church

Over the weekend, we travelers gathered for a brief service and to walk on the parish labyrinth. It’s seated on a scenic outdoor vista with East South waves crashing just beyond. We walked one at a time onto the path, allowing space before entering, mindfully winding towards the rose center. Once there, we each spent some time in silence and prayer before breaking through the center and walking directly out the lanes, without completing the path. The path would continue on the pilgrimage itself.

My suitcase and bunny awaiting departure on my porch
This pilgrim's bag is packed and ready!

A labyrinth is a great discipline for emptying the mind, opening the heart and listening to Spirit. It’s a time I reflect on who I am and why I’m here. This is the same function of the center of my compass (that I feel and use much like a labyrinth). The name of this function or ordinal is NARRATIVE. It’s represented with an “N” in the center of my mariner star compass. Start where you’re at.

In our narratives we find strength in our story and then break free from the limitations it can imply. Sit back and watch the movie of your life in one sitting and it would blow you away! But it might be stifling to watch it on the screen. Getting up and leaving the theater behind builds the resiliency muscles needed to practicediscovery: What do I believe? What do I value? This authenticity is like a thread we follow in a maze to come back to our true self. I’m often amazed when guides will lead my clients back to their true selves be giving them the love and compassion they have been denying themselves. Over time, we can disrobe from identities and let go of the attachments that no longer serve.

A key is to realize that life isn’t happening to us. It’s just happening, and it’s up to us to savor each step.


What would would you like to discover next about yourself?


Want to practice a walking meditation? Check out to find a labyrinth near you, or simply go to a nearby park or area where walking slowly comes easily. Step, breathe and know that with each step, you have arrived. You don't need to walk so slowly that you attract attention, just slowly enough to be aware of each step, as it happens.


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