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Lenten Pilgrimage | Mary calls us to AWAKEN + CELEBRATE

The WHITE ROSE tells us that no matter how dark the times, it is there because it simply is the part of us that can't be extinguished. It invokes the purity of the original message: That we were born of love because we all are love.

-Mary Magdalene,


Today, Mary and I decided to walk my “morning loop” together. The loop is a short walk that begins at my front circle garden and walks out onto the main road and back down into the woods of Nina Lane. I love this walk because it is a quick variety of scenery. It begins with forest, moves past a small backyard orchard, and butts up to a meadow that happens to include the local airport. I turn back here, look for deer in the meadow and cut into the backyard which leads to my labyrinth and beachfront.

Mary Magdalene is excited. She is moving from one side to another as she talks to me. Her excitement is contagious.


I LOVE this time of year!

I take a moment to look around. My garden is almost in full bloom and I can smell honeysuckle in the air. As we walk down the lane, she raises a long-stemmed WHITE ROSE and offers it to me. There are no thorns and the leave stems are longer than the others I’ve seen. Ready to heal at a moment’s notice.


The white rose corresponds to your crown of connection; the top and essence of who you are as you walk in this world. There are many names for what it represents. I call it the soul.

The white rose represents purity and divinity. It’s the part of us that has never known harm or darkness.

The Lord rose to secure us in the knowledge that we are never separated from God. It is about unity and the power that this unity can achieve.

Mary, stops walking and faces me:

You see this as a time of struggle. Isolation. Yes, in some regards it is. It is also a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity to come to the Common Table. This is a situation where there is no war against humans, it’s a war against the unseen. It is an opportunity to study together to learn what works for the common good. That is the best kind of struggle!

Mary gathers me and we sit down together at the fence separating the runway meadow from the lane.


Look at this fence, Sally. Why is this fence here?


The fence is here to protect us from entering the air space where a plane might go if their landing wasn’t going smoothly.


So, it is here to PROTECT.




Why else?


Well, it is here to mark and separate the area between the private lane and the airport property.


So, is it here to separate? Or mark? Or is it here to bring together?

I look at Mary with a “I could use some help here” face.


What is it that you say? “Taking stock?” Let’s take stock of this situation: there are many things wrong with your world. Not the least of it is what is happening to your atmosphere and earth life. Now you have this new thing that is a mystery. A type of scientific puzzle that needs solving. There is no reason to ask where or why it came about, but you have all the tools and expertise to begin to explore this thing to find out how you can live-or not live-with it.

This thing causes you all to slow down. Think about the way you are living. Interacting with one another. It is a thing that causes you all to stop. And look together and consider what can be done about it. In the meantime, you are looking at yourselves. Remembering what is good in your life and why it is good.

Do you not see the gift in this?! If you do not, the rest of your world does! The air is lifting, the birds are singing and much of the world is looking at each other and not at their black boxes. At least, not the ones in their hands.

This is a gift of some elegance, Sally. It is made to slow things down. It is the fence that causes people to come together, not separate.

Sometimes it is the boundaries in our life that can teach us the most about ourselves.

This is a most unusual Easter, Sally. But it brings unique gifts as well. If you are to awaken to them.

See that there is no separation between you and the Most Holy. Realize that your wholeness is the very thing that makes you beautiful. If there was ever a time your people are being called to the table of communion, surely this is it!

Come to the table. Share your ideas, share your experience of this fundamental time. Take down the constructs. This virus knows no boundaries, neither should you.

We are all connected. We are all holy. Celebrate the life that has been gifted to you. See the gifts in this time and the miracles that you do have that will work through this mystery and bring your people together.

I promise that when you lose the fear you will find the wonder.


I am not sure that others can see this, Mary.


They can if they listen to their heart, first. The heart understands this union. Love is the unifier. The white rose tells us that the light never leaves us because we are the light.

Next to me, the fence becomes a brilliant white light. It is glowing and energetic. I can’t take my eyes off of it.


We are part of Source and it is in us, always. You don’t need to earn your way to the table. It became your birthright the moment you were born. There is no brokenness. Just confusing beliefs, many that are rooted in powerful ancient stories. When you judge others, you believe yourself to be better or different. This brings loneliness. When you judge yourself, you accept a version of yourself as being unworthy. More loneliness. It can be a confusing world of myth and illusions. Some stories serve, other don’t.

It’s time to let go. Celebrate what is! Believe in what your heart tells you each day. Love is the message.

The light of the wooden fence tells me to go to sleep...go to sleep... go to sleep. I close my inner eyes and drift far away.



  • How has the pandemic made clear the "fences" in your life?

  • What gifts has the pandemic brought you and your community?

  • Can you see yourself as holy? Do you believe that your divinity gives you power?


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