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Intuitive Counseling

Utilizing a compass framework, you’ll be intuitively guided to see the map of your life and consider new ways to navigate. Beauty, mystery, and answers await you on the journey, even when you’re struggling. No matter how far adrift you feel, there’s no place the light can’t reach.

In our sessions, you’ll receive practical tools and channeled wisdom so you can:

  • Practice basic ABC’s (awareness, boundaries, compassion) to build a toolkit for body, mind, and spirit health

  • Learn from your guides or those who have passed on

  • Rise above the drama and trauma so you can connect with your light and allow your intuition to lead you

My own struggles with childhood trauma and MS initiated my journey to the light. Along the way I’ve encountered many guides and learned to access hidden gifts. I aspire to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery. 

Tools & Rituals for Life

I'm a natural "tool maker" and use a variety of practical tools and rituals on my own journey, which I share with others in sessions, classes and gatherings, and on this website. 

Sally O, intuitive counselor and psychic medium, Orcas Island WA
A labryinth is a great tool for slowing down and tuning into yourself

How I Work

I practice counseling, spiritual direction and mediumship to help you navigate your best next steps. In-session time is an active engagement with Spirit and your higher self revealing what's needed to evolve. The end goal is teach you to become your own spiritual guide in allegiance with the Spirit World and your greatest desires.


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Why Do This Work?

With this work I've helped people navigate through a variety of life challenges, supporting them by...


  • Connecting to parents who have passed away, creating a more loving connection than while they were living. 
    (That’s something I’ve done with my own parents!)

  • Channeling specific career advice for those in transition

  • Encouraging greater connection for those on the autism spectrum

  • Inspiring artists to explore new means of creative expression

  • Receiving loving instructions for those in the throes of grief

Most often the communication comes in the form of visual metaphors that whisper wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration. Sometimes, these whispers help you process what's past, sometimes they can help you prepare for what’s coming.

The spirit world is often unpredictable, always timely, and always right!

I usually don’t understand the meaning of the messages; they speak to the hearts of the people I see.

If this makes you curious and seems like it could be a good fit, I invite you to reach out through the contact form on this site to set up a complimentary call.  

No matter what your decision, I wish you blessings on your path!

Sally O

Why Do This Work?
Find your balance and navigate your way to the Light
Energy Medicine Professinal Association Insured Practitioner
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