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My Inner Lighthouse illuminates a map to a new reality. Navigating with Spirit, we listen to our internal compass to remember our true nature as we walk the pilgrim's path.

Unfold Your Spiritual Map

Intuitive Counseling Sessions

At My Inner Lighthouse I practice a truly unique kind of counseling. I am one part chaplain, one part therapist, one part medium and all parts presence.

To fully align with my calling, I moved to a remote island off the coast of Washington that is filled with the supportive energy necessary to feed my work and personal healing. My sacred guides call my home Gentlewood. The property includes a beautiful labyrinth and sacred spots where I am able to meet in meditation with my spiritual guides and Ascended Masters – people like Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Gandhi. The wisdom that is shared with me comes through as symbols, metaphors, voices, conversations, and journeys that inform my entire architecture of teaching.

It brings me joy to welcome visitors to Gentlewood. Whether it’s an individual coming for sessions, rituals, or communities gathering to share their knowledge of lightwork, nothing makes me happier than helping people realign with the Divine. As an intuitive counselor, I hold a mirror to your spiritual bypassing. Through the eyes of spirit, the mirror becomes a portal through which wisdom travels, befriending you once again. It’s been there all along waiting to be recognized and honored. Hello, old friend!

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Sacred space is manifested in a crucible between myself, you and the Ascended Masters. A key is turned allowing an activation of creative energies of Divine flow to be heard, felt, and experienced. With spirit as conductor, possibility transmutes into probability; you become soloist and we listen to your voice amidst the melody of the orchestra. Your magical aria is the rising reality that becomes grounded in the quantum world.


This is the actual experience of enlightenment.

Within this activated space, the conversation serves as navigator allowing your spiritual map to unfold. Simply put, spiritual mapping is aligning the internal principles of who you are with how you want to live and where you want to go. It’s a vision of your unique soul path through the eyes of spirit. To remain at one with the path, the journey requires practices. Through the revelation/education of tools, practices, and models assigned to you, the way becomes more accessible and intentional. You need not be a master to find mastery.

This is the path to your inner lighthouse. It is an invitation to join us in healing not just for your own sake, but for others who seek the same – we are all called to remember, heal, and join the human family.

Meet you at the Lighthouse,

Sally ^_^

How it Works

Allow yourself time before and after to center and ground.

Sessions last 1.5 hours and are held through Zoom meetings.


You are allowed and encouraged to record our session via Zoom. We also suggest using a recording app on your phone so you can listen to it again and benefit from its transmission.


Sessions cost $250 and payment will be required upon booking through Calendly. This includes a 20-minute meditation you can listen to on a daily basis ^_*

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Space is limited. Book your session today!

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