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Welcome to your 
Inner Lighthouse

We create community and bridge the gap between people’s everyday lives and their own divine nature.

The-Tool Room




with a spark.

The spark becomes

a flame, yearning and

burning into an alchemical

FIRE. Its glow burns brightest

at the blue base. It whispers

to the world an INVITATION for

those who have ears to hear. You

are the SPARK of the DIVINE.

Become the ONE. Look inside. Behold

the brilliance of your INNER LIGHTHOUSE

and share it with the world. Repeat

aloud after me, "My heart holds the

key to my DESIRES, my TRUTH,


May It Be So*
00:00 / 02:30

Listen to this track while reciting
the mantra above 3 times

Meet a mystic

*Music composed and performed by Grace McCune and Joel Gamble on violin

A Channeled Meditation
from Mother Mary

00:00 / 04:18
bed with white linens

Nighttime Mantra
I lovingly release the day, and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself.

- Louise Hay

Rest and Be Grateful

The bedroom represents our interior world.

It is where I journal, relax, daydream and sleep; where I learned to practice intentional living. At night, I review my day, revisiting difficult situations to honor my emotions and remember to celebrate the joys. In this way my pilgrimage becomes a path, not a destination.

Gentlewood is my sanctuary. I can show you how your home can be one, also.

Learn about Gentlewood.


kitchen countertop

Inaugural Podcast
Learn about My Inner Lighthouse, Sally, and her working world

Episode 1 - My Inner Lighthouse PODCAST - Sally & Suzanne
00:00 / 20:23

Where do we start?


Do you take coffee or tea? I drink both!

The kitchen represents our exterior world. It is where we talk about the daily practices and questions that help take a look at how we live. Along with the ascended masters, I invite others from my earthly healing community in science, psychology, and spirituality to the kitchen table to share their stories, insight, and ideas.

Let's get comfortable and explore Spiritual Mapping.

green chair

What's your story?

People often ask me "how did I get here?" Here are some stories, both past and present, that include my personal renderings of transformational events in my life. This includes conversations with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Gandhi and other ascended masters, and step-by-step practices to develop tools and rituals to guide you back to your inner lighthouse.

Join me as a companion on the path.



Join The Community


This is an invitation to join the My Inner Lighthouse team on the newest phase of our business. You've gotten a glimpse of the magical, mysterious world of the Ascended Masters. You can now join Sally on Patreon where she reveals her unfolding journey so you, too, can learn the path of the mystic. 

Interact live with the great ones so you can learn the stories behind the myths. Integrate the "soft and the strong" through live, entertaining interviews, conversations, and discussions based upon topics tailored to an evolving path.


Join our company as we develop this online magazine and become part of a new way of living; a revolutionary way of coming together.

You're my pilot, people. You are instrumental in the development. We're all ears.

lighthouse Rocks
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