My heart holds the key to my desires, my truth, and my connection.


Join me in discovering My Inner Lighthouse.

Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive counseling, mediumship & spiritual direction to help you reconnect to your inner lighthouse. We all house the light! Our conversation starts with “One Thing” in your life right now, to help us read your life's compass. "Psychic" implies wisdom outside your grasp, whereas my role as medium is to help you connect to wisdom already inside you. Spirit is our guide on this journey of discovery.

Even when it’s difficult to illuminate the way in, our sessions hold you in a compassionate grace, to reveal the truth you need now. 

Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage

a journey of healing through Lent and beyond

Have "Spiritual" 
Compass, Will Travel...

Blogging from the journey to the Light

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