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Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage

Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage

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Mary Magdalene, spoken to Sally while walking the Gentlewood labyrinth, 12/12/20

The Way of the Rose are the words Mary Magdalene spoke to Sally in La Baume, France below her grotto and again in deep meditation a year later in 2019. Mary shared this living wisdom, stating: “All healing begins with the red rose.” She explained a different way to live an authentic life beyond the mundane and through personal trials using the metaphor of different colored roses. These lessons include looking at culture and family, passion, patterns, the importance of cycles, tears, suffering and something she calls the “world-between.”

Reading this wisdom with an open heart activates a transmission for you personally with Mary Magdalene herself! You will learn the lessons from the good, the true and beautiful Magdalene, the original master of the contemplative way. Embrace and practice this wisdom and your life will begin to shift, just as it did for Sally. Through greater awareness, you will begin to understand the steps in your life and be illuminated by the teachings shared through My Inner Lighthouse.

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